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【3 kinds of different springs and seasonal local cuisine】Bijin-no-yu, Semi Onsen


1-128-2 Iwasakishinden, Waga Town, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture

Telephone number



Tohoku Expressway, 20 minutes from Kitakami Ezuriko IC, 25 minutes by car from JR Kitakami Station Free transfer available (reservation required)

Pick-up presence (condition)
★Free shuttle bus (reservation system up to 3 days in advance)
○Pick up··Depart at JR Kitakami Station 14:00, Depart at JR Kitakami Station 17:00
※Departure from JR Kitakami Station 16:00 in special period (Golden Week · Obon · New Year holidays)
○Sending··Semi Onsen 9: 45 departure, Arrive at JR Kitakami Station 10:15
  • For those coming by car

    Directions from nearest IC

    ■Kitakaminishi IC
    Head north east towards Route 225 and enter Route 47.
    Turn left at once and proceed on line 37, turn right at the next branch point and enter line 122.

    ■Kitakami Ezuriko IC
    Enter National Route 154.Next, turn into the prefectural highway No. 122 and turn right. Continue straight ahead.

    ※About parking lot
    There is a free car park that can accommodate 50 cars.It is unnecessary on first come, first served basis.
  • People who come by train

    ■Directions from Kitakami Station
    30 minutes by bus from JR Kitakami Station / 10 minutes by car from Akita Expressway, Kitakaminishi IC

    ■Estimated taxi fare, From Kitakami Station (25 minutes)
    Normal: 5,320 yen
    Jumbo: 8,260 yen
  • For those arriving by airplane

    Access from main airport
    ■Sapporo Airport-Hanamaki Airport, (55 minutes)
    ■Osaka Airport-Hanamaki Airport, (80 minutes)
    ■Nagoya Airport-Hanamaki Airport, (70 minutes)
    ■Fukuoka Airport - Hanamaki Airport, (155 minutes)

    Access from the nearest airport
    ■It is approximately 40 minutes by car from Hanamaki Airport.
  • About pickup

    Free pickup
    ■Pick up
    Kitakami Station, Departure at 14:00 ⇒ Semi Onsen
    Kitakami Station, 17: 00 departure ⇒ Semi Onsen

    ■Semi Onsen off, 9: 45 departure ⇒ Kitakami Station

    ■The time of pick-up is changed during the special period of Golden Week, Bon Festival, New year and New Year.
    Kitakami Station 16:00 departure → Bound For Semi Onsen, this will be only one.

    ※It is applicable only to accommodation users.
    ※It is reservation system up to 3 days ago.