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  • Kitakami municipal park tenshouchi

    ■45 minutes by car
    It is a park on the Kitakamigawa River coast, known as a cherry blossom spot.This cherry tree was planted by the cherry blossoming planting work which was done in 1920 (Taisho 9th), and now there are about 10,000 cherry blossoms and 100 thousand shares at about 29,300 square meters of the site.1990 (1990), it is certified in Japan's Top 100 Sakura Viewing Spots than Nihonsakuranokai, Aomori Prefecture Hirosaki, along with the Akita Prefecture Kakunodate Kakunodate is counted as one of the The Three Best Cherry Blossoms Spots In Michinoku There is. Cherry blossom trees that are over 80 years old in length are about 2 km.
  • Geto Kogen Plateau Ski Resort

    ■15 minutes by car
    A skiing where anyone can enjoy skiing and snowboarding from beginner course to many items park.
    It is approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel.Boasting a maximum snowfall of 4 meters, it is also a top ski resort in Japan.You can slide to Golden Week, so you can enjoy the long season!
  • Jodogahama

    ■3 hours by car
    The place name of Jodogahama is, Tenna Era Ryuko Reikyo of Mt Miyako Joan Temple the seventh generation in (from 1681 1684) Ryuko Reikyo (1727 deaths) was named from the fact that admired as "just like paradise button activates" It is said.
Geto Kogen Plateau Irihata Dam■5 minutes by car
Beautiful scenic spots.In the Observation Square you can see the surroundings and the Kitakami Hirano.Light up also at night every Saturday from July to August.Lake surface changes facial expressions every season, but the beauty of the period of fresh green (May to June) and autumn leaves (around mid October) is exceptional.

A tour

Mansion Of Demon■15 minutes by car
A demon's museum built in June 1994 in the Former Wagacho place of Iwate's traditional Folk Performing Arts "Oni Ken Bai" in the Former Wagacho.It introduces matters related to demons by theme.
Genzo of demons and Genzo captured by people Oni Mandara Genzo Oni Mandara, Oni Mandara Japanese demon faces" that read the spirit of the people in the faces of demons appearing in festivals and performing arts throughout Faces of Demons in Japan, the formation and meaning of the characters of demons, proverbs You can learn about Oni from a variety of places, such as Demon Encyclopedia・Video Booth of Demons, etc., and the Demons of the Faces of Demons in the World, which introduce the faces of demons in various countries of the world, with a focus on Asia.
  • Ryusendo Cave

    ■2 hours 45 minutes by car
    There are more than 3,100 m in the inside of the dong alone even though it is already known, and the survey continues now, but it is presumed that the whole area reaches over 5,000 m.In addition, Shimizu springing up from the back forms several deep underground lakes, among which The third underground lake is 98m deep, The fourth underground lake (undisclosed) is 12Om and Japan-and it is one of the most transparent in the world. I'm proud.
  • Hiraizumi Chusonji Temple

    ■40 minutes by car
    It is registered as a World Heritage Site as one of "Hiraizumi - Temples, Gardens and Archaeological Sites Representing the Buddhist Pure Land (Jodo)" and is designated as a special historical site of the country as "Chusonji Temple Grounds".
  • Motsuji Temple

    ■40 minutes by car
    Ennin reblogged built in Chusonji Temple and the same year. After that, it was destroyed by a large fire, but the second generation of Oshu Fujiwara Clan, the third generation of the child Fujiwara Hidehira established a magnificent cathedral.It is one that was registered as a World Heritage site in June 2011.
  • Mt Kinkeizan

    ■40 minutes by car
    Oshu Fujiwara Clan the third generation who is said to have made and buried male female golden chickens for Hiraizumi defense.Chusonji Temple is located in the middle of Chusonji Temple and Motsuji Temple.It is one that was registered as a World Heritage site in June 2011.
  • Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall

    ■40 minutes by car
    A memorial hall opened to honor the achievements of Kenji Miyazawa who is a poet and fairy tale author born in Hanamaki who left masterpieces such as Night On The Galactic Railroad.You can touch the world of Kenji who had various activities such as poetry, fairy tales, education, agriculture, science.


  • Koiwai Farm

    ■1 hour 20 minutes by car
    Pasteurized milk with butter, Koiwai Farm nature walk, Toro horse cart riding horseback riding archery Shepherd’s golf, Armadillo ball Run Inside a Sphere Floating on Water boat & cruiser bungee trampoline and so on! If you are hungry, please eat healthy and soft Genghis Khan!


Kitakami Country Club■15 minutes by car
This course which made use of luxuriously the abundant nature leading to Kurikoma National Park.Offering a resort life for the executive in a relaxed and satisfactory manner.Please enjoy the exhilarating play to your heart 's contention against the majestic nature.
Kurikoma Golf Club■About 20-minute drive
course with a long tradition and a long history, skillfully arranging trees and water on a vast site.You can play in the majestic scenery overlooking the Yakeishi mountain range, Mt. Komagatake, and Ou Mountains.